Spruced has been one of the top maintenance businesses in UK that provide cleaning, logistic & cargo, moving and home improvement services. We have created an extensive network of knowledgeable and professional technicians throughout the country. Our success as a company, as demonstrated through our customer’s satisfaction, is grounded in our laser-focused approach to organising and managing work-order, ensuring that we make available to our staff and technicians the tools and resources required to consistently beat our customer’s expectations.

Our primary goal is to increase our range of clients, building on our existing maintenance services and adapting as the industry transforms. Above all else, Spruced will always strive to offer the best property maintenance services achievable while taking on opportunities to diversity. So whether your needs are electrical, plumbing, cleaning, gardening, preventive or corrective maintenance, you can call on Spruced to pleasingly complete your work order assignments in a prompt, reliable, and efficient way. It all adds up to ensuring we keep you in business and your brand alive.

We at Spruced are committed to providing our customers with consistent, top-notch services, which are recognised as factors that contribute towards the operational success of your organisation. We will endlessly strive to improve our processes through customer participation, workforce improvement, and self-evaluation. With these commitments, we will seek to expand, uphold, and enhance our recognition in the service industry as a priceless partner, thereby leading to growth opportunities and a superior marketplace position.

We are Spruced Services

January 2, 2014


by Spruced Services